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My Story

I go by J, I am a queer and nonbinary and I use they/them pronouns- he/him if you want to spice it up on occasion! I am a multidisciplinary artist, which essentially means I'm never going to choose just one hobby. Fortunately my neurodiversity has made art & fashion a special interest of mine which allows me to be incredibly passionate and dedicated to my craft(s). Creating Loser Studiio was an opportunity for me to share my art and create a safe space for queer folks to come together as I expand my art techniques and focus my eye for fashion on gender neutral designs in order to find my place within our community. 

I was born in South America but have spent the majority of my life in California. I am currently unhoused and living out of my Subaru with my cat, Toothless. While this is not an ideal situation for an art studio it does provide Toothless and I with the freedom we both so desire. We have many plans to continue exploring and sharing art with as many people as possible.

Many people ask me why I chose the name Loser Studiio, Click here to find out!

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