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  • Where do you source your items?
    The way that I choose to maintain my love for thrifting and my desire to find pieces to share with people all over the country is by sourcing directly from last chance locations- textiles that will be sent to landfills if not taken at this last opportunity. Most often I source from the goodwill bins or outlet stores, a place that allows you to buy per pound if you do the sorting and picking yourself (this is not an easy process). Occasionally I do source from brick and mortar thrifts but I try to avoid them whenever possible to give wider access to low income humans to shop where thrifted resources are widely available. Thrifting as a hobby or for reselling is a privilege and recognizing your place in the cycle of textile waste is important. By thrifting from specific locations, maintaining low buy goals, and personal shopping for people in areas with thrift deserts I am able to minimize my reselling impact and still find pieces that fit the styles people ask me for. Reselling is a very difficult job and is often talked down upon but buyers exist in every market. If you want someone to find the cool vintage things you cant seem to get- that's what were here for!
  • Can I commission a piece of art?
    YES! Please use the Commission Deposit below to hold your place in line and provide details and contact information for the piece you'd like to order! I will contact you as soon as I receive the order to discuss full terms and price so I can start working on your new piece! Additionally, there are individual pieces listed for commission if you want me to remake a design I have created in the past.
  • What about flaws?
    Thrifting, upcycling, and the entire art process each present unique challenges in producing flawless items! Thrifted & Upcycled items are pre-loved and you should expect to see minor wear of the item, other flaws are listed and pictured with the item. Prints are each made unique and result in differences from print to print- these are not flaws, this is art!
  • How do you price items?
    My art and collections are priced in three categories: Thrifted, Upcycled, and Art Thrifted items are prices based on condition, age, scarcity, demand, and MSRP. Not all thrifted items are vintage but those that are typically cost more because they are in high demand or they are rarely on the market. Modern thrifted items are based on MSRP and quality while keeping reasonable secondhand costs in mind. Upcycled pieces range in price depending on what type of rework has been done to give it new life. Adding a print will add cost to the original thrifted item because it is customized with Loser Studiio Art. Some pieces are fully deconstructed and remade into something new- these pieces will be the higher price range because of the time and skill put into a project like that which is not repeatable like a print would be. Art prices are determined based on availability, work time, market comparisons, and customizations. Commissions are available for purchase in the shop and a commission deposit is available with the expectation that there will be additional cost to complete the piece, the deposit is simply to hold your place so I can get started on a consultation with you. I work really hard to keep my prices affordable while still paying myself for the work that I do. Often times artists undervalue their work due to the lack of societal focus toward art in more modern years, please remember this when looking at prices. I currently pay myself less than the minimum wage in CA in order to keep my prices affordable.
  • Why did you choose the name Loser Studiio?
    Were all about reclaiming here right? Textiles or terms- Loser might have been used to belittle the 'others' of the world in the past but eventually we all grow up to be interesting and talented humans. What many attempt to use as a term of social outcast I wear proudly on my sleeve, being an artist can sometimes mean choosing a life that others don't understand. What they see as losing, I see as LIVING.
  • What kind of art do you do?
    As a multidisciplinary artist I move fluidly from one medium to another because I have a vast desire to learn new art forms. Below is a list of mediums I currently use and ones I am learning. If you're interested in a commission in any of these mediums please use the commission deposit at the bottom of the page to provide details so we can get your project started! Linocutting: The process of carving a negative image on to a block of linoleum or rubber in order to create repeatable prints. Crochet: My grandma taught me to crochet 7 years ago and I haven't stopped since. Pyrography: wood burning designs into soft woods like balsa. Watercolor: My favorite painting technique and one that is quite challenging. Tattoo Design: Ive drawn designs or provided tattoo tickets for many people over the years! Website Design: I build this website from the ground up and managed many others- Let me build something for you! Currently Learning: Sewing, Hand Poke Tattoo, On the list: Leatherworking, Silversmithing, Ceramics, Screenprinting
  • What is upcycling/reworking?
    Upcycling is one way that we can avoid textile waste. Essentially, it's the process of taking something already in existence and modifying or reworking it to give it new life. For example, I thrifted this shirt which diverted it from a landfill and added my custom Luna Moth art print to give it new life! Soon I will be expanding my shop to include fully reworked and tailored apparel items that are focused on gender neutrality and sustainability within the fashion industry.
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