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Public vs Private Blog

As you may have noticed I do offer a subscription option on my website which will give you discounts as well as access to the private blog posts. In The Studiio you'll find personal stories and anecdotes from life, patterns for crochet and other projects, travel photos, full catalog of zines, exclusive art content, BTS content from social media, livestreams, and projects, queer media, bookclubs, and so much more.

In general subscriptions are a way to show support of your favorite artists. Artists have always had a difficult time finding ways to survive in a society that undervalues art as a whole*, this is one way that people can show support for my art. I understand that not everyone can afford to subscribe which is why I will still be posting semi-regular public posts to share updates about Loser Studiio as well as my personal life. However if you do choose to subscribe, the tiers range from $5-$50 and you can cancel at any time (I'm happy to assist you). Click the link below to check it out and as always, I'm available to answer any questions!

Click to subscribe!!

*I previously used a platform called Patreon which was created to solve this exact issue, to give artists a chance to thrive with the support of their viewers. However I've been made aware of some unfortunate and inexcusable behavior on that platform and have chosen to set up my own support system internally. I appreciate your understanding and can assure you my posts here will be far better than what I could do on Patreon.

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